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Granny Green's Big Night out
On 11am this Friday, 7th February, at Greyfriars Bobby on George IV Bridge, Edinburgh craftivists will hold a rally to encourage knitters and crocheters in the Capital to help to warm African orphans.

Local craft group Granny Greens handmade 500 blanket squares – the height of the Grayfriars Bobby statue, which they displayed. The squares after displaying will be posted to Johannesburg in South Africa where the charity Knit-a-Square will get local volunteers to sew blankets for orphans. Many of the orphans are also infected with HIV AIDS – as it is an auto immune disease keeping warm helps their ability to stay well. Knit-a-Square has been working for over 5 years to get squares from crafters around the world to contribute to blankets.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 19.42.23Last year Knit-a-Square asked crafters to knit piles of squares to the height of landmarks and this inspired Granny Greener Mary Gordon to get the group to knit the height of Grayfriars Bobby.

‘As Bobby was an orphaned dog it’s an appropriate way to get people inspired to help out. I’ve made Bobby a small blanket – a minature of the ones the orphans wear so he can stand in solidarity with them.’ Explained Mary

The Granny Greeners are asking crafty members of the public to join the cause to help African orphans by getting out their knitting needles in 2014 and send 8 inch squares to www.knit-a-square.com.

Each day 500 children are orphaned by the AIDS crisis in Southern Africa. In South Africa there are now 1,900,000 AIDS orphans. The AIDS orphans in Southern Africa belong to one of the fastest growing, but least desirable groups of children in need, on earth. It is a quiet ongoing crisis that gets little publicity.



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