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Yesterday morning seen the grand unveiling of Granny Greens knit A Square project with a rally around Greyfriers Bobby.


The aim of the project was to knit enough squares to equal the height of the Grefriers Bobby statue. Why Greyfriers bobby? Well, the famous dog was himself orphaned when his owner John Gray died in 1872. Since the death, Bobby guarded his grave everyday for 14 years.

Granny Green organiser Fiona Stewart explained that:
“It’s a valuable cause that really can make a difference. Knitted squares from all over the world are sent to Africa where they are made into garments for keeping these children warm.”

An eye catching sea of colour. the weight and length of the combined squares (which, when stacked on top of each other reached higher than the statue) sparked lots of questions and interest by intrigued passers by.

I nipped back last night to see if the jacket was still there, and it was. Still attracting attention from people it was amazing to stand around and hear everyone’s reactions about how great an idea the Knit-a-Square project is.

Now the squares (which when stacked on top of each other are the height of the whole statue) will be packed up and shipped off to Africa where the children and their families will make them into blankets. It’s a shared solution thats helping to warm some of the 1.9 million South African orphans.

If you stop by, take a photo and be sure to add it to Twitter.

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